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Documentation Digest 10/14 - 10/27

Greenhouse Recruiting

Weekly Recruiting Report
Follow: Email Notifications about Referrals
Follow: Email Notifications about Candidates or Prospects
Candidate Pipeline Email Report
Change the Picture and Description for Jobs Posted to Social Media
Connect Social Media Accounts to Greenhouse
Post to Social Media Account from Greenhouse
Implementation Overview
Sourcing by Demographic Report
Sync Interview Kits Across Multiple Jobs
Notifications When Offer is Rejected
Configure Scorecards
Focus Attributes on Scorecards
Ideal Number of Attributes on Scorecards
Edit Interviewer's Scorecard Submission
Scorecard Visibility for Internal Applicants
Create Custom Questions for Interview Kits
Configure Candidate Survey
Edit Job Alert Settings
Bulk Edit Job Alert Settings
Add Hiring Manager Review Stage to Interview Plan
Add Hiring Manager Review Stage to Multiple Interview Plans
Interview Plans
Resume Highlights
Configure Interview Kits
Use Interview Kits 


Greenhouse Onboarding

Onboarding Plan: Other Criteria