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I use Uncommon. What does the integration look like and how do I enable it?

The integration enables users’ access to Uncommon solutions seamlessly to empower sourcing optimization and candidate screening without leaving Greenhouse platform. Grant Uncommon an API key with permission to pull your live positions, source candidates for you, and push back into Greenhouse a stream of pre-screened candidates who match your custom requirements. Users will be able to receive applicants along with qualification matching details, distinguish qualified and unqualified applicants and disqualify applicants directly from Greenhouse.


To create a Harvest API key:

  1. The Greenhouse user will go to their configuration tab.


  1. Select Dev Center -> API Credential Management


  1. Click Create New API Key to generate the API key for Uncommon


  1. Enter ‘Uncommon’ for Description and choose ‘Harvest’ for Type


  1. The Greenhouse user will be able to select which permissions they would like to allow the partner.





To use the integration on Uncommon platform:


  1. On the position page, go to Settings -> Edit Settings -> ATS


  1. Select Greenhouse when asked to Configure your ATS


  1. User can get help getting the API key through the Click here link


  1. After achieving API key from Greenhouse, put in the API key field and click Apply