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Documentation Digest: 9/30 - 10/13

Greenhouse Recruiting

Assign Hiring Team
Hiring Team Role: Hiring Manager
Hiring Team Role: Recruiter
Hiring Team Role: Coordinator
Hiring Team Role: Sourcer

Overview: Take Home Tests
Set Up Take Home Tests
Resend a Take Home Test to Candidate
Third-Party Tools for Take Home Tests

Bulk Import Prospects from Spreadsheet
Greenhouse Mobile Application
Set Up Job Admin as Default Job Approver
Business Intelligence (BI) Connector Basics and Overview
Follow Job
Tracking Link Blocked on Craigslist

Training Your Team: Recruiter
Training Your Team: Coordinator


Greenhouse Recruiting Integrations

Stack Overflow
Indeed Assessments


Greenhouse Inclusion

Anonymized Take Home Test
Collect Custom Demographic Responses on Job Posts
Activate Greenhouse Inclusion Features


Greenhouse CRM

Auto-Merge Prospect Added Through Events iOS Application