The ability to see your organization's candidate pipeline for any job enables your team to manage expectations with hiring managers and provide real-time data regarding the health of a candidate search.

The candidate pipeline email report provides a direct report to recipients and captures a snapshot of your interview pipeline for one or more jobs. Unlike other reports that are populated and displayed in your Greenhouse Recruiting account, the candidate pipeline email report is emailed directly to recipients.

Note: At this time, the candidate pipeline email report cannot be configured as a recurring email to recipients. The candidate pipeline report does not include data from the Application Review and Hiring Manager Review stages.

Candidate pipeline email report

To create and send a candidate pipeline email report, click Reports on your navigation bar.

Screenshot of the Reports button

Click Essential reports on the left.

Screenshot of the Essential Reports button

Scroll to the Manage Expectations with Hiring Managers section and click Candidate Pipeline Email.

Screenshot of an example candidate pipeline email report

Select the jobs you want to include in the emailed report.

Screenshot of an example candidate pipeline email configuration

When finished, click Next.

Note: All jobs included in the report will be included in a single email.

Select which stages to include in your report. The selected stages will apply to all jobs you selected.

Screenshot of stages selected for a candidate pipeline email

When finished, click Next.

Finally, input the email addresses of your recipients. You can also edit the default subject heading of the email.

Screenshot of a configured candidate pipeline email

When finished, click Send Report.

The recipients you chose will receive an emailed report of the selected job pipelines.