Regularly collecting and tracking demographic data allows your organization to recognize where you are sourcing diverse candidates. Specifically, applicant demographic data and information about how individual candidates are applying to jobs in your organization can provide insight into where you should invest resources. 

The Sourcing By Demographic Report aggregates candidate responses to custom or EEOC demographic questions asked across enabled job posts. The report results will only include jobs where you are a Job Admin who has permission to view EEOC and demographic reports.

To learn more about how you can create and enable custom demographic questions on job posts, click here.

Note: To best maintain the anonymity of applicants, responses that receive less than 5 responses will display <5 in the report results.

Navigate to the Sourcing by Demographic Report

Click the ellipsis icon  ellipsis.png  and select Reports from the dropdown menu.


Select Essential reports on the left side of the Reports page.


Scroll down to the Measure the Impact of Inclusive Hiring Practices section and select Sourcing by Demographic.


Apply report filters

You can apply different report filters by modifying the fields at the top of the page. You can limit the jobs included in the report by selecting Change Filter.


If you previously imported candidate data from another hiring application, you can select Include Migrated Candidates to include that data in the report results. By default, the report will be limited to only candidates who applied through Greenhouse Recruiting. 


When you're ready to regenerate the report, click Apply.

Note: By default, the Date Applied for the report is set to Current Year.

Filter the report with custom demographic question sets

If your organization uses custom demographic question sets for candidates, you can see the report results for that dataset using the Use data from field.