Prospect conversion for auto-merged profiles

Permissions: Job Admin and above who have access to CRM

Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Greenhouse CRM's Events app allows your organization to quickly collect and process prospect information en masse at recruiting events. Prospects who fill out your Event's prospect form, including those who provide their information through the prospect form URL, will be added to your Greenhouse Recruiting account as a prospect.

You might also instruct a prospect to apply directly to an open job after they have submitted their prospect information through the Events iOS app. Doing so would create a job-specific candidate application for the individual, and the individual would have two applications in your Greenhouse Recruiting account: a prospect application and a candidate application.

To help your organization keep track of prospect / candidate profiles and their associated applications, Greenhouse Recruiting will auto-merge these profiles and nest the prospect and candidate applications under a single profile.

Note: The prospect application and candidate applications must have matching email addresses to be auto-merged.

In addition to having their profiles automatically merged, the prospect application initially submitted through the Events iOS app will be considered as 'converted to a candidate' in your Greenhouse Recruiting account.

Note: Prospect conversion for auto-merged profiles will only occur if the prospect form is received prior to the candidate application. In this case, the auto-merged profile will deprecate the candidate application's Source / Credit To fields.

Keeping detailed records about which prospects converted into candidates can help your organization calculate the return on investment (ROI) for any individual event and can help with forecasting and resource allocation moving forward. To learn more about how to calculate ROI for any event, please click here.