Are my new hires seeing the new Welcome Experience? I didn't give them a heads up!

Don't worry! Your new hires are still seeing the older Welcome Experience, and will not see any of the new experience until you want them to. You can switch your new hires to the new Welcome Experience under Settings > Welcome Experience > Update Welcome Experience.


I built out a LOT of timeline events, are you telling me I have to rebuild all of them? 

Definitely not! We'll be migrating your Mission, Values, Company Image, and Timeline Events into the new Welcome Experience for you. 


What about the Pages that my new hires are accessing under the Resources tab? 

You'll need to rebuild those Pages in the new Welcome Experience in order for you new hire to see that content. We will be removing Pages from Greenhouse Onboarding entirely in January 2019.


How long do I have to build out my new Welcome Experience? Are you going to flip the switch on me without warning? 

No way! You'll have all of Q4 to build out your new Welcome Experience. We may reach out with a nudge here and there, and are also here to help if you have any questions.

In late 2018/2019 we'll begin to migrate companies to the new Welcome Experience if they have not switched, but we'll make sure to give you a heads up before we do anything. 


I don't see Education in the Welcome Experience anymore, how can I add that back? 

We decided to remove Education from the Welcome Experience for a number of reasons: Some customers thought it was biased because it focused on College education. The field was also not reportable, so many companies created a duplicate field in order to be able to report on the data. 


Where are the Social Clubs? 

From talking with clients, we discovered that Social Clubs were hard to maintain. We have removed automatically surfacing them, but you can still easily represent Social Clubs by building a page that highlights different clubs, different slack channels, or any other types of groups available at your company. 


I have feedback on the new Welcome Experience, where can I put that? 

Feel free to fill out the form at with any suggestions or questions!