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I use Tabnex. How does the integration work? How do I enable it?


Tabnex Enrichment ensures candidate data in Greenhouse are kept up-to-date and complete, automatically. Enrichment can also be used to get insights beyond the resume and LinkedIn like commute times, expected salary, and more. Enrichment works with minimal input such as an email which can be useful for prospecting, as well as for screening and interviewing candidates.


Integration Details

Greenhouse integration imports candidates into the Tabnex Platform and synchronizes the data transfer between Tabnex and Greenhouse. The integration allows for the Enrichment to update candidate records in both Tabnex and Greenhouse.



To integrate Tabnex Enrichment with Greenhouse:


  1. The Greenhouse user will log into Tabnex App

  1. Select Applicant Tracking Software >

At this point, you need to collect your Greenhouse API token key. Leave page as is and open new tab and head over to your Greenhouse system


  1. Go to your Greenhouse Application and click on Configure (gear icon)


  1. Click on ‘Dev Center’ on the left-side menu panel






  1. Click on API Credential Management to create your API key

  1. Click, create New API Key. Enter in the Description field, ‘Tabnex Enrichment’, and in the Type dropdown select ‘Harvest’. Then click Create.

  1. Select the permissions as shown in the screenshot below (i.e., Applications, Candidates, Custom Field Options, Custom Fields, Departments, Education, Job Opening, Job Posts, Job Stages, Jobs, Sources, Tags, User Roles, Users) and click Update


  1. Copy your Greenhouse API Key and head back into the Tabnex Platform site

  1. Paste your Greenhouse API Key into the field shown



  1. On the left side panel, select View Candidates. You should see your candidates there, and your done!


  1. You’re now ready to enrich your Greenhouse candidates by heading over to Billing or to Explore. Enjoy!