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Publicize a Confidential Job


A confidential job can be made public by:

  • The creator of the confidential job 
  • A user with Site Admin level permissions who is added to the confidential job's Hiring Team as a Site Admin

Note: Once a confidential job is made public, this action cannot be undone. Confirm that you want to make a confidential job public before proceeding.

To make a confidential job public, click All Jobs from your navigation bar and select the confidential job from the resulting list.


Click Job Setup from the confidential job's navigation bar and select Job Info from the left-hand panel.

From the Job Info page, click Make Public.


A dialog box will ask you to confirm the irreversible process. If you are sure, click Make Public.


Your confidential job is now public. It can be accessed by all users with Site Admin level permissions. Now that the job is public, you will also be able to configure a Job Post for the job.