Why do you charge for space?

By including access to CRM functionality for all of our customers, regardless of recruiting tier subscription, we are able to more widely support your efforts to nurture your most valuable asset - your talent database! Investing in building a rich talent database is a strategic initiative that pays off exponentially over time, serving as an additional source of pre-vetted, high quality candidates.

The idea that we’d charge for space is aligned with the idea that the more you use it, the more you pay. If you don’t use it, you don’t pay - it’s as simple as that.


How does the pricing per record work?

You pay based on how many prospect records you have in Greenhouse Recruiting. However, you won’t be charged for every record. Instead, you will buy “bands” of records, which allow you the flexibility to use the tool as much as your business needs, and only worrying about billing or expanding your database every now and then.

We were able to determine useful bands for records by observing how customers have used Prospect features in the past to aid in their hiring efforts.


How do I know how much space I’ll use and what my cost will be (next year and beyond)?

We can share averages based on how different customers of your size have used Greenhouse CRM historically. However, you’ll want to ask yourself some questions about your business, such as how much proactive prospecting is a part of your strategy, how big your alumni base is, how much you leverage on-campus recruiting, etc.

Remember - while there is a discount to buy records up front, you’ll always be able to purchase more when you need them, so feel free to be conservative in your original estimates if that’s more comfortable.


What integrations currently exist with Greenhouse CRM?

We currently support integrations with MixMax, AngelList, Entelo and many others that can be accessed via Greenhouse CRM. Please note that all Greenhouse Recruiting customers are able to leverage these, free of charge.

For a complete list of all of our integration partners, check out our Partners page at greenhouse.io/partners.


How will I know I won’t go over the threshold or spend more than I budget for by mistake?

We have built a series of processes to make sure you have full visibility into how much storage you’ve used and when you’re approaching a new band.

Pilot State:

  • As soon as you hit 85% of your total number of prospect records:
    • An automatic email will be sent notifying the key contact of your current status
    • If no action is taken and no additional prospect records are purchased, additional email notifications will be sent as you hit 90%, 95% and 99% of your total number of prospect records
  • If you surpass your current band of prospect records and choose not to upgrade to the next band, you will be able to access all your prospect records as usual, but will not be able to add any new prospect records until payment has been made. Please note that you will never be charged without your consent.


Do I need to go through another process/speak with someone to buy more records or can I self-serve?

At the moment, we do not support self-serve functionality. We hope to create a self-serve experience in-app in the near future.

If you anticipate investing in your talent database and adding a significant number of prospect records, please get in touch with your Relationships Manager (or renewals@greenhouse.io) - discounts are available for both volume and upfront purchases.


I don’t want to use CRM or prospect functionality - can I opt out?

With your recruiting subscription, you automatically have access to a number of included prospect records.

When you reach 85% of the total number of included records, you will receive an email notification alerting you of your status. Once you hit the limit of included records, you will not be charged unless you expressly consent to purchase the next tier of prospect records. This will help mitigate the risk of running over the included number of records you are allotted.

If you absolutely want to turn this functionality off, get in touch with your CSM (or www.greenhouse.io/asksupport) - we can help do this in the back end.


What if I pay for a certain number of records (i.e. 10K records), but then go over that threshold to 11K records and pay for the next tier of prospect records. Then I delete records to get back under 10K. Do I get refunded?

We do not offer refunds at this time. Once you purchase a certain tier of prospect records, you have access to that number indefinitely, regardless of whether or not you delete records and go below a certain threshold.


What is the implication of deleting prospect records?

While deleting prospect records may free up space, please note that deletion means that you will be losing accuracy when it comes to reporting on your activities and valuable historical data on your prospect pipeline.


How long can I keep my records? If I don’t go to the next tier, can I keep my records?

As long as you are with Greenhouse, regardless of your recruiting subscription tier, you are able to keep your records. In the event that you decide to leave Greenhouse, there is a transition and data migration plan in place to help make that process easy.


What about my records from my old ATS? Do I get charged for them when I come to Greenhouse?

There is a one time data migration fee to bring over prospects records, active and rejected candidates as you move from your historical ATS to Greenhouse.

Based on the number of prospect records you’d like to migrate over and depending on what recruiting subscription tier you’ve purchased, we will provide the appropriate number of included prospect records and charge for the balance.


When and how do I get charged when I move to the next band of records?

You will only be charged when you decide to make payment for the next band of records.
Purchase can be made by contacting your Relationships Manager (or renewals@greenhouse.io).


Why is access to Events App included?

By including access to Events App functionality for all of our customers, we are able to more widely support your efforts at making meaningful connections on-site at recruiting events.

We believe that all recruiters should be able to forego the stress out of collecting and organizing resumes and have the ability to streamline the process of collecting prospect information in order to focus their efforts on what matters most - building and cultivating their talent community.


How does the pricing work?

You pay based on how many events you’d like to execute for the year. We offer a number of different packages of events with bulk discounts available in order to accommodate various levels of on-site recruiting activity. We also offer the ability to purchase events on an à la carte basis, equipped with self-serve functionality.

Your first event is on us!