Greenhouse CRM license functionality grid (legacy)

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Note: This article refers to a legacy CRM licensing structure that some organizations on Greenhouse Recruiting may still be using. For more information on the current permissions structure, click here.

The grid below outlines the various tasks users can perform based on their license in Greenhouse CRM.

Functionality Users with Admin License Users with a User License Users without any CRM license
View Prospecting Activity Report X X X
View Prospect Pool Activity Report X X X
View Prospect Conversion Report X X X
Bulk create prospects X X X

Add prospects to job/dept/office via:

  • The add new person page
  • A rejected candidate
  • Maildrop
  • The Chrome plugin
  • Bulk Import
  • Start new prospect process 

 Manage a prospect

  • Update the jobs, departments, and offices a prospect is on
  • Convert a prospect into a candidate* 
  • Stop considering a prospect

Note: This action can additionally be performed in bulk by users who have Job Admin permission levels and a CRM user license, or users with Site Admin permission levels with the user-specific permission Can manage unattached prospects — add prospect to jobs, convert prospects to candidates, see private tab for prospects.

 X  X
Add a touchpoint X X  
Assign and update the pool and stage of a prospect   X X  
Assign prospect owners to prospects  X X  
Assign admins to pools they are an admin on   X   
Bulk update pool and stage of prospects  X   
Create new prospect pools  
Edit, hide, remove any prospect pool X X  
Use Talent Finder X X  
Add and remove CRM licenses X    
Assign pool admins to any prospect pool X    
Can view prospects job/department/office X X X
Can add notes to prospects incl. job/department/office X X X
Can view prospects pool/stage/owner X X X
Can add notes to prospects pool/stage/owner X X X