Greenhouse CRM license functionality grid


The below grid outlines the various tasks users can perform based on their license in Greenhouse CRM.

Functionality Users with Admin License Users with a User License Users without any CRM license
View Prospecting Activity Report X X X
View Prospect Pool Activity Report X X X
View Prospect Conversion Report X X X
Bulk create prospects X X X

Add prospects to job/dept/office via:

  • The add new person page
  • A rejected candidate
  • Maildrop
  • The Chrome plugin
  • Bulk Import
  • Start new prospect process 

 Manage a prospect

  • Update the jobs, depts, and offices a prospect is on
  • Convert a prospect into a candidate* 
  • Stop considering a prospect

*Note: This action can additionally be performed in bulk by users who have Job Admin permission levels and a CRM user license, or users with Site Admin permission levels with the user-specific permission Can manage unattached prospects — add prospect to jobs, convert prospects to candidates, see private tab for prospects

 X  X
Add a touchpoint X X  
Assign and update the pool and stage of a prospect   X X  
Assign prospect owners to prospects  X X  
Assign admins to pools they are an admin on   X   
Bulk update pool and stage of prospects  X   
Create new prospect pools  
Edit, hide, remove any prospect pool X X  
Use Talent Finder X X  
Add and remove CRM licenses X    
Assign pool admins to any prospect pool X    
Can view prospects job/dept/office X X X
Can add notes to prospects incl. job/dept/office X X X
Can view prospects pool/stage/owner X X X
Can add notes to prospects pool/stage/owner X X X