Permissions: Coordinator, Owner

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Branded assets allow you to customize and manage the branding of Greenhouse Onboarding for your new and existing employees. Branded assets cover general details of your organization's welcome experience such as basic information and a navigation icon.

Manage branded assets

To manage your branded assets, click Settings on your navigation bar and then click Branded Assets on the left.

Screenshot of Settings > Branded assets button

Basic information

Basic Information on your branded assets captures pertinent information about your organization's Greenhouse Onboarding account. This information includes your company name and your founding date.

Additionally, Basic Information allows you to select a primary color that will be used for navigational buttons during your new hire welcome experiences.

Input a Primary color hex in the provided field. A preview of this color will automatically populate in the box to the right.

Screenshot of Primary color hex field

When finished, click Save.

Navigation icon

Under Images, you can select a navigation icon that will appear during your new hire welcome experience.

Click Browse Files to add or change an image.

Screenshot of navigation icon > Browse files button

Note: While you can upload any picture as your organization's navigation icon, we've found that a square logo works best.