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RaaS job import overview

Greenhouse can work with Workday’s report writer to import a list of jobs you can use when creating a new position in Greenhouse. Simply generate a report of all jobs available for hire in Workday and expose the fields you’d like Greenhouse to import. The following guide outlines the attribute requirements for the report and highlights key integration functionality.

For more information on how the import works in Greenhouse, please see:

Report Authentication and Permissions

Greenhouse can get this report from any URL, however. The report should be available on an HTTPS URL using HTTP basic authorization. Greenhouse only needs the report URL, username, and password required for access.  

Please note: When a user creates a new job in Greenhouse, they will be able to see all available Workday positions in the report. It is not possible to filter the list depending on the Workday or Greenhouse permissions of the user creating the job and accessing the report.

How does Greenhouse adapt the values to import?

Please review the standard and custom field mapping sections below to understand how Greenhouse adapts Workday position and requisition values to Greenhouse jobs.

Suggested Workday Field

Workday Report Column Header

Greenhouse Equivalent Field



One of:

Job Posting Title

Job Title


Internal and External Job Name


The Internal Job Name from Workday will populate both the internal and external job name values in Greenhouse. It is not possible to provide a separate External Job Name via the RaaS. 





Maps to Level. As this is a select box, Greenhouse will attempt to look up a level setting in Greenhouse that is an exact, case-insensitive text match for the value from Workday. If it can not find one, this will be left blank. The Greenhouse default options are Entry-level, Mid-level, and Senior. To customize this, please reach out to your Greenhouse representative.

Number of Openings


The number of job openings that will be created


The value must be at least 1.

Position ID


Opening ID


Any number of Opening_ID elements can be placed inside of the Opening_IDs element. The No_of_Openings count should match the number of Opening_ID elements.

*Assumes Job Requisitions are enabled in Workday.

Job Requisition ID


Requisition ID


This is used to communicate back to Workday in a hired event. Also, once this Requisition ID is added to a job, Greenhouse will filter this ID out of any new job list being imported from Workday.

One of:

Employee Type
Time Type  
Worker Type
Worker Sub-Type


Employment Type


Uses the same text match strategy as Level.





Uses the same text match strategy as Level. Only supports one office.

One of:

Supervisory Org
Cost Center
Job Family




Uses the same text match strategy as Level. Only supports one department.


Custom Field Mappings

Greenhouse allows you to import free-text and single-select custom fields. For free-text fields (number, long text, short text, URL, date), Greenhouse will attempt to find a custom field whose name (sample screen shot below) exactly matches the XML element. The match will be case insensitive, and underscores will be replaced with spaces. That means the XML element <wd:Custom_Field_One> will match a custom field named Custom Field One or custom field one.

For single-select custom fields, Greenhouse will attempt to look up the custom field as described above, then look up a custom field option that exactly matches the value inside that element. When importing custom fields that include a date, please use the format MM/DD/YYYY.



Functionality Highlights

  • Import Frequency - This is a user initiated one-time per position import; jobs will not automatically be created based on the RaaS report and cannot imported in bulk.
  • Job Updates 
    • Changes made to the position in Workday after the position has been imported will not sync to Greenhouse. Changes must be made directly to the job details in Greenhouse.
    • Job details will be editable in Greenhouse for users with permission to edit Job Info (imported fields cannot be made read-only). However any job field changes made in Greenhouse will be exposed to Workday in the hired candidate export, if this part of the integration is implemented.
  • Permissions - Any Greenhouse user with permission to create new jobs will be able to see all positions exposed in the Workday RaaS. Greenhouse cannot limit the list of positions available to import according to the user’s Workday or Greenhouse permissions.
  • Available Custom Field Types - The integration only supports importing values into free-text (number, long text, short text, URL, date) and single-select custom fields in Greenhouse. It does not support importing values into boolean, multi-select, user, currency, currency range, or number range field types.

Expected Report Format

You can find an Example Report Format here. Greenhouse will mirror the order of the report as it exists at the given URL, so whatever job or position ordering you apply to the report in Workday will be reflected in Greenhouse.

What does importing a job from a RaaS look like for Greenhouse users? 

1) Select Create a Job


2) Select the Workday position to import and associate with the new Greenhouse job. Using the box in the upper right hand corner you can search for positions by name or requisition ID.


3) Select Start from scratch or Start from a copy of an existing job as you normally would. 


4) You will see the position or job information from Workday pre-populated under the Job Details section in the first Job Info step.