Greenhouse Recruiting integrates with Workday's Report-as-a-Service (RaaS) to import job information that helps facilitate new job creation in Greenhouse Recruiting. To use RaaS job import, generate a report of all jobs available for hire in Workday and expose the fields you'd like Greenhouse Recruiting to import.

Functionality notes

Import frequency

The RaaS job import is user-initiated and a one-time per-position import. Jobs aren't automatically created in Greenhouse Recruiting based on the RaaS report and can't be imported in bulk.

Job updates

After the position is imported, changes made in Workday don't sync to Greenhouse Recruiting. Changes must be made directly to the Job Setup in Greenhouse Recruiting.


Any Greenhouse Recruiting user with permission to create new jobs can see all positions exposed in the Workday RaaS. Greenhouse Recruiting doesn't limit the list of positions available to import based on either the user's Workday or Greenhouse Recruiting permissions.

Available custom field types

The integration only supports importing values into free-text (number, long text, short text, URL, date) and single-select custom fields in Greenhouse Recruiting. It does not support importing values into boolean, multi-select, user, currency, currency range, or number range field types.

Check out the Custom field mappings and How does Greenhouse map the values from Workday to Greenhouse Recruiting? sections of this article for more information on mapping fields from Workday to Greenhouse Recruiting.

Report authentication and permissions

Greenhouse Recruiting can retrieve the Workday report from any URL, as long as it's available on an HTTPS URL using HTTP basic authorization. Greenhouse Recruiting only needs the Workday report URL and ISU's username and password for access. Read more about setup here: Enable a Workday RaaS job import integration.

Expected report format

Click here for an example report format. The order of the Workday positions in Greenhouse Recruiting mirrors the order of the entries in the Workday report as they exist at the given URL, so whichever ordering you apply to the report in Workday is reflected in Greenhouse Recruiting!

Custom field mappings

Greenhouse Recruiting allows you to import free-text and single-select custom fields. For free-text fields (where a user might enter a number, long text, short text, URL, or date), Greenhouse Recruiting attempts to find a custom field whose name exactly matches the XML element. The match is case-insensitive, and underscores are replaced with spaces. For example, an XML element <wd:Custom_Field_One> will match a Greenhouse Recruiting custom field named "Custom Field One" or "custom field one."

With single-select custom fields, Greenhouse Recruiting attempts to look up the custom field as noted above, then the hiring software looks up a custom field option that exactly matches the value inside that element. When importing custom fields with a field type of date, please use the format MM/DD/YYYY.

How does Greenhouse map the values from Workday to Greenhouse Recruiting?

Check out the standard field mapping table below to understand how Greenhouse Recruiting adapts Workday position and requisition values to jobs.

Suggested Workday field Workday report column header Greenhouse Recruiting equivalent field Required? Notes
One of:
  • Job Posting Title
  • Job Title
Internal and External Job Name
Yes The Internal Job Name from Workday populates both the internal and external job name values in Greenhouse Recruiting. It is not possible to provide a separate External Job Name via the RaaS.
Number of Openings No_of_Openings
The number of job openings that will be created

The value must be at least 1.


Note: If Requisitions are not enabled, the value must be equal to 1.

Position ID (if Requisitions are enabled in Workday)


Opening ID

This may be used to communicate back to Workday in a hired event.


Any number of Opening_ID elements can be placed inside of the Opening_IDs element. The No_of_Openings count should match the number of Opening_ID elements.


*Assumes Requisitions are enabled in Workday.

Job Requisition ID (if Requisitions are enabled in Workday)

Position ID (if Requisitions are not enabled in Workday)

Requisition ID Yes

This may be used to communicate back to Workday in a hired event.


To prevent the creation of duplicate jobs, Greenhouse Recruiting also filters the Workday report so it excludes any entries with a Requisition ID that's already associated with an existing Greenhouse Recruiting job.

One of:
  • Employee Type
  • Time Type
  • Worker Type
  • Worker Sub-Type
Employment_Type Employment Type No Greenhouse Recruiting attempts to look up an Employment Type value in Greenhouse Recruiting that is an exact, case-insensitive text match for the value from Workday. If it can't find one, this is left blank.
Location Office Office No This field uses the same text match strategy as Employment Type. This field only supports one office.
One of:
  • Supervisory Org
  • Cost Center
  • Job Family
Department Department No This field uses the same text match strategy as Employment Type. This field only supports one department.

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