Decision guide: Initiating job creation in Greenhouse Recruiting vs. Workday

Greenhouse Recruiting supports two different kinds of jobs integration with Workday: one that exports jobs from Greenhouse Recruiting to Workday, or one that imports jobs from Workday to Greenhouse Recruiting. The purpose of this article is to help your team decide which integration flow best fits your team's Greenhouse Recruiting workflows and Workday business process needs. We recommend reviewing the following options thoroughly with your integration developer.


Quick start

If your company processes mandate all jobs must be created in Workday and/or require approval in Workday, we recommend focusing on the Workday-initiated section of this article. Otherwise, we recommend starting with the Greenhouse Recruiting–initiated section below.


Greenhouse Recruiting–initiated job creation workflow

The Greenhouse Recruiting–initiated workflow is recommended if jobs or positions don't need to be approved in Workday before being opened for recruiting, or if your business processes allow you to create jobs or positions outside of Workday. With this approach, jobs are created, approved (as needed), and maintained in Greenhouse Recruiting, and Greenhouse Recruiting is the source of truth for your job data.

Your recruiters will run their recruiting process in Greenhouse Recruiting, updating job info and attributes in Greenhouse Recruiting as needed, and moving candidates through the interview process. At the time of hire, all the latest job data is exported to Workday, along with application, candidate, and offer data.

Please see the following article for more details on this approach: Just-in-time position export


Workday-initiated job creation workflow

The Workday-initiated workflow is recommended if positions must be approved in Workday before the recruiting team can open the job and begin recruiting in Greenhouse Recruiting, or if you have separate teams working in Workday and Greenhouse Recruiting. With this approach, positions or requisitions are created, approved, and maintained in Workday, and Workday is the source of truth for your job data.

There are a few ways to approach the Workday-initiated job import integration. For more information on the differences in functionality, please see the following article: Decision guide: Importing positions from Workday


Additional resources

If you’re still not sure which Workday-initiated workflow option is right for your team, please see the following article, which further outlines the differences in functionality between the API- and RaaS-based integrations: Decision guide: Importing positions from Workday