The BountyJobs Recruitment Marketplace allows your organization to extend its recruiting reach by posting your jobs to a marketplace with more than 10,000 highly specialized agencies. This simplifies the entire recruitment process between employers and agencies, so you can both focus on hiring the best talent, faster.

Greenhouse Recruiting's integration with BountyJobs allows your organization to harness the power of the BountyJobs Recruitment Marketplace on your positions in Greenhouse. 


About BountyJobs

BountyJobs' web-based platform features a marketplace of over 10,000 highly-qualified agencies and a performance-based matching algorithm that helps hiring teams of all sizes find and engage the right recruiters for each of their roles. Instead of managing multiple contracts with various agencies, your single contract with BountyJobs allows you to leverage their pre-existing contracts with thousands of agencies. Simply post a job and let agencies within the marketplace submit their hand-picked candidates!

BountyJobs streamlines third-party recruiting, allowing you to:

  • Find the right help – The right, experienced recruiter makes a difference so BountyJobs finds you the best match possible with performance-based matching
  • Move quickly – You need great candidates now, so the entire BountyJobs Marketplace is on a single contract you can start today with no delay
  • Work smart – BountyJobs’ in-app tools make working with your recruiter and finding your perfect candidate simple

For a limited time Greenhouse customers are eligible to post their jobs to the BountyJobs Recruitment Marketplace for free (a value of $199).

An additional recruiter’s fee* is due to the recruiter who fills the job, this fee is not paid until (and only if) you make a hire (see below for more information). 


Enable BountyJobs on Greenhouse User Accounts

Every user who wishes to post jobs to the BountyJobs Recruitment Marketplace will need to enable the integration on their individual account.

Note: Only users who have Job Admin permissions on at least a single job can enable the Greenhouse/BountyJobs integration on their account.

To enable the integration on your Greenhouse user account, navigate to a job where you have Job Admin permissions (All Jobs > Job Name).

Click the Job Setup tab from the Job page navigation bar and select Job Posts from the left-hand panel.


From the Job Posts page, navigate to the BountyJobs pane and click Visit BountyJobs.


Alternatively, the Greenhouse/BountyJobs integration can be enabled (and accessed) by navigating to an individual job > Sourcing > Agencies.

You will be directed to the Greenhouse/BountyJobs integration page where you can link your Greenhouse user account to the BountyJobs Recruitment Marketplace. Click Link Accounts to continue. 


Input your Greenhouse login credentials on the subsequent page in the appropriate field.

The Greenhouse/BountyJobs integration is built using Greenhouse Recruiting's Ingestion API and every user will need to enable the integration on their own account so that the Ingestion API can pull information only on jobs where they have access.

When finished, click Authorize


If you do not already have a BountyJobs account, you will be prompted to create one. Follow the instructions and fill in the appropriate fields. Click Submit to create your BountyJobs profile.

Your Greenhouse/BountyJobs integration is enabled for your account. In the future, you will be automatically directed to BountyJobs' Post Job page when accessing the integration through Greenhouse Recruiting.


Post Job from Greenhouse to BountyJobs Recruitment Marketplace

Once your Greenhouse user account is linked to BountyJobs, use the BounytJob Post Your Job panel to add a Greenhouse Job. A dropdown menu will populate a list of jobs where you have Job Admin permissions. Select a job and click Submit.


The Greenhouse to BountyJobs integration will auto-populate the Job Title.

You will then need to provide information in the below mandatory fields:

  • Job Location
  • Job Description
  • Industry
  • Category
  • Salary Range
  • Recruiter's Fee*
  • Employment Status
  • Benefits
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Seniority Level
  • Minimum Education 
  • Willingness to Travel

*When creating the job post in BountyJobs, you will need to determine the Recruiter's Fee for this job. This is the fee that you will pay to the recruiter who successfully fills the role.

This fee can either be a percentage of a successful candidate's salary or a flat fee. In most instances, percentage-based fees are used for salaried jobs and flat fees are used for jobs with commission structures or variable salaries.


When finished, click Post Job to submit this job to the BountyJobs Recruitment Marketplace. 



Source Attribution  

Any candidates submitted through agencies using the BountyJobs integration will have BountyJobsSourcing as the source.