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Headlight allows you to exercise their network of field experts to effortlessly evaluate your technical candidates so your team stays focused on shipping. Greenhouse Recruiting and Headlight have a partnership that allows you to send Headlight challenges to candidates, and receive completed evaluations, all from Greenhouse.

In this article, we will cover how to configure to:


Configure Greenhouse/Headlight Integration

Enabling the integration requires a simple one-time setup that involves grabbing an API key from your Headlight account and entering it into Greenhouse. 

If you are on a paid membership tier, click the Settings tab on your navigation bar and select Integrations from the dropdown menu.


Your API key will be listed on the Headlight Integrations page.


Once you have your Headlight API key, navigate to the Greenhouse Recruiting Dashboard. Click on the ellipsis and navigate to Integrations on the dropdown menu. 


From the Greenhouse Integrations page, use the provided search tool to find Headlight. Select Headlight and enter your Headlight API key.

That's it! You're ready!


Send Headlight Challenges

When you’re ready to send a candidate a Headlight assessment, click the Send Test button.


From the dialog box, select the recipient email, the Headlight assessment, and a user to grade the assessment.



Receive Completed Evaluations

When one of Headlight's field experts has evaluated your candidate, you’ll receive your final report. The summary will always be sent along, and you can read the full report on Headlight by clicking the View Report.