TalentShare is a network where talent professionals share qualified candidates that were considered for positions, but were not hired, with other companies. TalentShare's algorithm matches qualified candidates with your organization's open positions and invites them to apply. With the Greenhouse/TalentShare integration, applicants sourced this way will be added automatically to your Greenhouse workflow.

In this article we will cover how to configure the integration, and how candidates are added into Greenhouse.


Configure Greenhouse/TalentShare Integration

To start, navigate to https://www.talentshare.com/customer/onboard. Use TalentShare's setup guide to create a private and secure connection between TalentShare and your Greenhouse account.


TalentShare offers two setup options to manage your connection with Greenhouse:

Express Setup

This option asks you to create a TalentShare user within Greenhouse and share those credentials with TalentShare. TalentShare will then complete the rest of the setup to establish and maintain a secure, private connection.

Advanced Setup

This options asks you to generate an API / Integration key within Greenhouse (Configure > Dev Center > API Credential Management > Create New API Key). You will also create a dedicated user within Greenhouse that you will manage and maintain the secure, private connection with the TalentShare network. 


That’s it - after completing the setup guide, you’re ready to start receiving qualified candidates into your Greenhouse account.


Add Candidate into Greenhouse

Using a combination of intelligent factors, TalentShare will match candidates with new job opportunities within your Greenhouse account and invite them to apply.


Candidates can apply with one-click, using their existing profile. Or they can choose to update their information and add a cover letter before submitting their application.