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Recruiting Release Notes: 2018 - July 27

Product updates:

  • The edit experience for Interview Kits and Take Home Tests has been upgraded to make it easier to configure your interviews! As part of this redesign, Scorecard Focus Attributes were moved to the top of the page to reflect structured hiring best practices -- you should figure out what skills to test before figuring out how to test them.


API updates:

  • The Harvest API will now be able to update a job post’s title, location, and content regardless of hiring plan status

Integration updates:

Assorted bug fixes, including:

  • Notes that contained nothing but an empty body prevented the candidate Activity Feed from loading. We’ve fattened up these notes and everything should be visible again.
  • Once upon a time, some users glimpsed a rare sighting of some very strange looking code when they clicked on the search bar (but only sometimes). Our engineers went on a quest and tracked down the culprit.
  • Some custom job post questions were duplicating three times and had to be manually deleted. For this bug, third time was not the charm.
  • The Job close date field was super reluctant to be changed and locked itself down. After some coaxing, Job and Site Admins are able to change this date at will once again.