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Enable Workday RaaS Job Import in Greenhouse

How do I get access to enable the report?

Your Greenhouse representative will designate your Greenhouse instance as “Workday Enabled”. Once enabled, you can provide select users with permissions to access the Workday Administration Center where the report is configured. Please see our permissions help article for more information on which permissions to assign to your integration developer.

You can access the Workday Administration tools by clicking on Configure > Dev Center > Workday Administration.


Add Workday Ready to Hire RaaS to Greenhouse

From the Workday Administration page, click Enter credentials to access Workday tenants or reports. Enter the username and password in this form, click save.

Return to the Workday Tools page, click Provide a Workday report containing jobs ready to hire.

Select the credentials created previously and enter the URL to the report. Click Save.

Now, when you click Create a Job in Greenhouse, you should be taken to a list of active jobs in Workday. This can removed at any time by deleting this URL (clicking the X on the page where the report was created)