In order to confidently assess a candidate on required attributes, your hiring team needs to create insightful interview questions for the interview kit. In this article, we will cover the purpose and question types in an interview kit, how to create interview kits in Greenhouse, and provide some additional resources to help you get started. 

Purpose and Question Types

An interview kit allows your interviewers to remain consistent across candidate interviews and provides a consistent framework for assessing candidates. By having this consistency, your hiring team will have better data for making hiring decisions at the end of the process. Likewise, the interview kit alleviates the stress imposed on interviewers to ask questions on the spot. Since the interview kit provides the questions that need to be asked, interviewers can focus on evaluating the responses instead of coming up with the next question.    

Different attributes are also tested best by different types of questions. We've taken the opportunity to divide these questions into 4 types that you might consider incorporating into your interview kit.





Create Interview Kits in Greenhouse Recruiting

Additionally, you can learn more about using Interview Kits to evaluate candidates here.


Check out the side of this article for a downloadable worksheet to help your team craft insightful questions for the Interview Kit.