The Interview Planning step of a structured hiring process is typically combined with the Scorecard Definitions step. Together, they define the criteria being measured and the interviewing strategy to evaluate these attributes. In this article, we will cover the goals of the Interview Planning step and provide a video that will demonstrate how to develop this plan in Greenhouse. 

Interview Planning Goals and Strategies

When devising the interview plan for the role, consider the answers to the three questions below:

What are you testing for? Use the 90 and 365 definitions of success discussed at the Role kick-off meeting and your Scorecard Definitions to define testable attributes. Boil down the list of attributes to mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive need-to-haves

When should we test? Aim to design a process that is complete but operationally efficient. Our suggestion is to test deal-breakers early on in the process and test attributes that require further explanation later.

Who should test it? Use the Interview Planning step to figure out the key stakeholders of the role and who should perform these interviews. 

By answering these questions (and others like it) you should essentially be achieving 4 main goals during the interview process:

  1. Uncover candidates' relevant experiences and capabilities
  2. Measure candidates against the same framework
  3. Deliver a consistent candidate experience
  4. Get participation from the right internal stakeholders