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I use DiversityJobs. What does the integration look like?

DiversityJobs is the leading diversity job site for women, military veterans, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, members of the LGBT community and people with disabilities.  Greenhouse users who have an unlimited job posting agreement with DiversityJobs can have all jobs published on DiversityJobs easily through its integration with Greenhouse.  If you need to setup an agreement with DiversityJobs, please email your request to

DiversityJobs will pull any open jobs from the Greenhouse user’s account via the Job Board API and publish them on and its exclusive network of niche diversity sites.  DiversityJobs simply needs to obtain the Greenhouse user’s job board token.

To find your company’s job board token, go to Configure > Job Board. The board token will be located as part of the displayed URL, which will look like”. Please email the token to


Source Tracking

Please sign into Greenhouse to generate your DiversityJobs tracking code.

To create DiversityJobs as a source in your Greenhouse account, go to Custom Options > Sources > Create New Source. Add DiversityJobs as a source so that you can create tracking links for any candidates coming through DiversityJobs. 

Go to Configure > Job Board[Tracking Link]. From the “select a source” list, type or select DiversityJobs, then click the "Create Link" button.  You will see a URL that will look like  Please copy and email it to


Your Account Director will confirm once your job postings are live and the tracking is confirmed!