Product updates:

  • A new and improved Gmail add-on allows exporting messages from Gmail directly into Greenhouse. In addition to increased stability, the new tool provides more context about the person and the information that will be added to their profile.


  • We’ve made a few additional navigation updates to make it easier and faster to get where you need to go. Tabs like Sourcing, Approvals, CRM, Reports, and Integrations will appear on every page throughout the app when hovering on the `...` in the main navigation.


  • When creating custom job post questions, you can now enter source code directly for additional formatting capabilities.


API updates:

Integration updates:

Assorted bug fixes, including:

  • Custom date tokens showed some silly abbreviations like “Apr” and “Jun.” These months have been reunited with their runaway letters.
  • When there was an error connecting to HireRight background checks, the candidate’s Private tab became a little too private and refused to load at all. This super-secret restriction has been lifted.
  • Sometimes, exporting hundreds of users to Excel took a while and eventually failed. We’ve coaxed these shy users that it’s okay to leave their Greenhouse home and head over to Excel.