Users with the following permissions can be selected as approvers for your organization's offer approval process:

  • Site Admin with the user-specific permission Can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, and approve jobs/offers
  • Job Admin with the permission stripe Can view and edit offers and approve/request approval on offers 

Note: To configure a Job Admin as a default offer approver, they must be assigned the noted permission stripe on all future jobs

Once an offer approval is triggered, users configured as offer approvers (either for the entire organization or by department and/or office) are sent an email requesting their approval.

In addition to the email requesting an offer approval, users configured as offer approvers can manage all offer approvals by clicking the ellipsis ellipsis.png on the navigation bar and selecting Approvals from the dropdown menu.


The subsequent page shows all pending approvals (job approvals and offer approvals) that may require your attention. To only view pending offer approvals, use the filter panel to deselect all approval types except To extend offers to candidates.


The Approvals page is filtered to only show offers that require approvals. Click Approve or Don't Approve.