Permissions: Owners

Product tier: Available for Greenhouse Welcome and Greenhouse Onboarding subscription tiers

Your organization can set up single sign-on (SSO) with Okta to authenticate users logging in to Greenhouse Onboarding and Greenhouse Welcome.

In order to connect Greenhouse Onboarding or Greenhouse Welcome to Okta, you'll need to create a custom SAML application integration in Okta and configure it with your credentials from Greenhouse.

Create a SAML integration in Okta

In Okta, click Add Application, then click Create New App.

Add new application page with Create new app button

In the Create a New Application Integration window, configure the following settings:

  • Select Web from the Platform dropdown menu
  • Select SAML 2.0 for the Sign on method

Click Create.

Create new application integration page with SAML 2.0 selected and Create button

You've now created a new SAML integration with Okta.

On the General Settings tab, enter an App name for the integration (for example, Greenhouse Onboarding) and add an App logo (optional).

Note: Use the Greenhouse logo kit from the Greenhouse Press kit to download a logo for your integration setup.

Click Next.

Create SAML integration page with Greenhouse Onboarding filled in as the app name and Next button

In the Configure SAML tab, enter your Single sign on URL and Audience URI from Greenhouse Onboarding.

Note: You can retrieve the Single sign on URL and Audience URI for your Okta integration under Settings > Data Flow > Single Sign-On in Greenhouse Onboarding. 

For the Single sign on URL field in Okta, use the SSO Assertion Consumer URL in Greenhouse Onboarding. This URL includes your organization's unique UID.

For the Audience URI field in Okta, use the Entity ID/Issuer value in Greenhouse Onboarding:

Single Sign On page in Greenhouse Onboarding Settings with Step One credentials highlighted

Click Next.

Create SAML integration page with single sign on URL and audience URI filled in

On the Feedback tab, select I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app.

Click Finish to complete your integration setup in Okta.

Create SAML integration page with adding an internal app option selected

Finish SAML configuration in Greenhouse Onboarding

Next, navigate to the Sign On tab for your Greenhouse Onboarding application in Okta.

Click View Setup Instructions to download your Okta metadata file.

Okta application settings page with View Setup Instructions button for Okta metadata file

Next, you'll finish SAML configuration directly in Greenhouse Onboarding or Greenhouse Welcome.

Open Greenhouse Onboarding or Greenhouse Welcome, then navigate to Settings > Data Flow > Single Sign-On.


On the Single Sign-On page, fill out the following fields with credentials from your Okta metadata file:

  • Single Sign-On URL
  • Single Logout URL (optional)
  • IdP Certificate Fingerprint (SHA1 format)

Step Two of Single Sign On setup in Greenhouse Onboarding settings with fields highlighted

Click Save.

Once you've saved your SSO information, reach out to Greenhouse Technical Support to finish setup and turn on your SAML configuration.