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Greenhouse Onboarding organizes the logistics of the onboarding process for your company via Tasks to ensure every new hire has a great onboarding process. Tasks are discrete actions of an onboarding plan for a new hire that can be assigned to particular individuals and given a due date.

Users who are assigned a new hire task will receive a reminder via email on the date the task is assigned and on the due date of the task. The task reminder emails will outline which hire the task is for, when it is due, and any available notes.

If the task is uncompleted past the due date, the task will be considered overdue and Greenhouse will send the user frequent reminders.


Mark a Task as Complete

Once a task is a complete, you can return to the reminder email and click Mark as Complete. This will log you into Greenhouse Onboarding and will mark that specific task as complete.

If you need to mark multiple tasks as complete, you can also log into Greenhouse Onboarding directly to view all of your assigned tasks on your homepage. Select the checkmark under the Complete column for as many tasks as needed.