On May 31, 2018 we will be shutting down the Greenhouse Community platform. After this date, community.greenhouse.io and any content on the site will no longer be accessible. While this has been a fantastic learning experience for Greenhouse and our customers, we believe the content and conversation can be better served outside of the Community platform.

It’s important that the most valuable ways we used the Community platform are still available after this transition, so our team has been hard at work creating new resources for that content:

  • The Customer Success Blog is now available on Medium.

  • Product Release notes and other Product announcements have been moved to the Greenhouse support site. Make sure to subscribe here for any updates! 

  • We’ve launched a new one-stop hub for support resources to ensure users can access the multitude of support information available.

  • Our team will continue to send out regular Release Notes and accompanying webinars to highlight new and pending feature developments.

  • When it comes to fostering collaboration between customers, we've decided to put our focus towards fantastic in-person events like Greenhouse Open and the Open Series.

We’d like to thank all of our users who have taken part in the Community over the past couple years. We’re so grateful to have a group of dedicated “People people” who are so interested in collaborating and guiding our shared vision of creating tools to better navigate the changing world of work. Here’s to continuing that conversation!



The Greenhouse Team