It is natural for companies to rebrand and evolve; Brad’s Drink rebranded to Pepsi-Cola in 1898 and Sound of Music became Best Buy in 1983. If your organization is currently rebranding your company or considering the possibility, follow this guide to make ensure your careers page and Greenhouse account reflects this exciting next step for your company!

Use the below checklist to help launch your new careers page and start accepting candidates as your new company. 


Change Organization's Name

Click the Configure icon Screen_Shot_2018-05-24_at_5.31.51_PM.png in the upper-right hand corner and navigate to Organization on the left-hand panel.


Click the Edit icon edit.png inline with the Organization Name field.


Input your organization's new name and click Save to confirm the change.



Have Greenhouse Support Team Change Login Emails

As you work to change email addresses, you can open a ticket with to inform them of the rebrand and email changes. The Greenhouse Recruiting Support team will generate a CSV template that your organization can fill-in with the appropriate information.

Once completed, return the CSV to our Support team and they will use this document to map your existing users to their new login emails.


Update Organization's Communication Copy

Comb through any communications where you use your organization’s name (where the the {{COMPANY}} token is not used). This may include Social Media Templates, Email Templates, job post descriptions, and referral program descriptions.


Update Job Board

If your rebrand also includes a new website, make sure to have your developers check out the Job Board Integration options and Dev Center. This will help provide the necessary documentation to QA your new careers page.


Add Your New Email Address Domain

From the Configure > Email Settings page, input your new domain. From that page, you can send an email to your IT team with all of the information they need in order to verify it through Greenhouse. This helps to prevent e-mails sent to candidates and coworkers from going to Spam.