Best practices: Get the most from Greenhouse Agency Portal

If you partner with outside recruiting agencies or contract recruiters, you know how important it is to have great communication and centralized data! The Greenhouse Agency Portal allows you to seamlessly integrate agencies into your overall recruiting process. Using the Greenhouse Agency Portal, agencies can submit candidates, view information about the current and next stage of a candidate (this is configurable), and receive feedback about their submissions. 

This article will cover five tips and tricks to help you optimize agencies in Greenhouse so that you can centrally manage your partners and candidates, save time and improve communication with automatic agency updates, and maximize your sourcing investment by using data to monitor performance


Turn on Notifications

It is best to turn on notifications for New agency submission emails for each of your jobs. By doing this, whenever an agency submits a new candidate, you will receive an automated notification from Greenhouse. The notification will warn you if this candidate might be a duplicate for another candidate in your system!


To turn on notifications for New agency submissions, click Configure on your navigation bar and navigate to Notifications on the left-hand panel


From the notifications page, set notifications by User and click Edit beside the user's name that should receive the notification for Jobs.


Navigate to New agency submission emails section and click Turn all on. Alternatively, you can you the drop-down menu from the top of the dialog box to only turn on notifications for a single job at a time.

When you have finished, click Done



Leverage Reporting

With your agency submissions coming into Greenhouse, use reporting to measure the quality of candidates. This can help you narrow down which agencies you partner with; the Candidate Quality by Source report gives a great snapshot.

Click Reports from your navigation bar and navigate down the page to Candidate Quality by Source.


Your Candidate Quality by Source report will populate.



Include Agencies on Relevant Emails

When an agency recruiter submits a Candidate, their e-mail will then be attached to the Candidate on both the “Email [Candidate]” and “Email the team about [Candidate]” modules. Emails sent through Greenhouse are tracked on the candidate’s activity feed, so it’s a great way to keep a record of what has been discussed!



Agency Notes

Agencies can leave notes not just for their candidates, but also on any candidates submitted by other recruiters on their team. This fosters better communication on the agency side and ensures you have everything you need to know about a given candidate!



Sharing Feedback

When you reject a candidate who was submitted by an agency, you can add in “Rejection Notes to Agency”. These notes then show up as a link to “Feedback” on the agency side, but the candidate does not have visibility into these notes.