Focus attributes for candidate roundup are an additional layer to scorecard attributes that provide the hiring team with guidance during the candidate roundup process. When using this feature, the hiring team will identify which focus attributes from the entire interview process should be covered specifically in the post-interview team sync. 

For more information on why focus attributes are important, see Structured Decision Making

Enable focus attributes for candidate roundup

Site Admins can enable candidate roundup as part of their DE&I settings. To enable this setting, select Inclusion in the toolbar at the top of the page. 


Select Configure tools to reduce bias


Scroll to the Candidate Roundup section and enable the scorecard attributes during candidate roundup. 


Note: While interviewers will see focus attributes (i.e. attributes they should focus on), they will not know which are focus attributes for candidate roundup.

Edit Focus Attributes for Candidate Roundup 

Focus attributes for candidate roundup can be edited when creating the candidate scorecard for a new job or for existing jobs.

To start, navigate to an existing job's candidate scorecard (All Jobs > Job Name > Job Setup > Scorecard) and click Edit.


Select the checkbox for each focus attribute you would like to cover during the candidate roundup. 


When you're finished, click Save.

Note: You can also remove, rename, or add attributes while editing.  

When an attribute selected for the candidate roundup, it'll display on the scorecard setup.


Focus Attributes During Candidate Roundup

During the candidate roundup, your hiring team can view the summarized scorecards on the Scorecards tab of the candidate's profile.

All attributes marked as focus during candidate roundup will be grouped in their own section.