Product updates:

  • One of our newest features, Job Post Request Forms, allows your organization to send job post questions to candidates or referrals added manually to capture their structured data. We’ll be rolling this feature out to all customers over the next week.


  • We’ve made some changes to how you preview Job Posts -- you’ll now review your posts in a modal, making it easier to see how everything will appear to candidates.


  • Coming soon! In the next few weeks we’ll be changing how dates are displayed across the app. For users in U.S. time zones, nothing will change, but for our users in international time zones, all dates will show up in the “DD/MM/YYYY” format. Read more about the change here.

CRM updates:

  • You can now view the details for closed events by going to Manage Events and clicking Show on a specific event.


Assorted bug fixes, including:

  • The ‘Include prospects on no jobs’ checkbox blatantly ignored everyone on the Prospecting Activity report. Rude! It’s back to fulfilling all filtering duties.