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I use Personably. What does the integration look like? How do I enable it?

How to integrate Greenhouse with Personably

  1. Login to Personably and head to the settings page.
  2. On the settings page, under connect your applicant tracking system click Greenhouse.


  1. Click the button that says create your key and webhook endpoint. You'll now see both of these appear in the boxes below (see the second screenshot below).


  1. Head to Greenhouse webhooks section here
  1. Complete the "Create A New Web Hook" form:


  • In the "Name this web hook" field, type "Personably"
  • In the "When" dropdown, select "Candidate has been hired"
  • In the "Endpoint URL" field, paste your endpoint URL created in Personably during step 1
  • In the "Secret key" field, paste the key created in Personably during step 1
  • Leave "Error recipient email" blank
  • Set "Disabled?" to false 

Click "Create Web hook”


  1. You'll now see new hires imported into your Personably dashboard whenever a candidate is hired in Greenhouse. Click "Create" to add the final details for your new hire.
  2. If you head to the "Settings" page, you can specify whether you'd like to receive a daily email with the new hires imported from your ATS.