Product updates:

  • We’re very excited to announce our newest product - Greenhouse Inclusion, in partnership with Paradigm. Paired with Greenhouse Recruiting, Greenhouse Inclusion gives you the tools to scale an inclusive hiring process. Sign up to be the first to know when it’s available.


  • You can now view other team members' interview feedback and scorecards via the mobile app, making it easier to make informed decisions about candidates or gather more context when you’re on-the-go.


  • We’ve made some changes to how you preview Job Boards -- you’ll now review how your boards will appear to candidates in a modal. This update will also be coming to Job Posts soon. 


  • Coming soon! One of our newest features, Forms, allows your organization to send job post questions to candidates or referrals added manually to capture their structured data.


  • Coming soon! We’re redesigning the Scorecard configuration page to make it simpler to create and edit scorecard categories and attributes.  


CRM updates:

  • It’s now leverage your database to search and find prospects you meet at events using resume keywords. When a prospect takes a photo of their resume via the Events app, we will convert their resume image to a PDF and make all text searchable.  

API updates:

Integration updates:

  • Recruitment Optimization & Analytics: Stack
  • Video Interviewing: Jobma

Assorted bug fixes, including:

  • Some resumes displayed strange little boxes instead of normal letters. After retraining our document previewer on the alphabet, things should be back to normal.
  • When trying to send take home tests to candidates in bulk, some users saw a red error instead. We hate errors just as much as you do, and tests are ready to be sent in large batches once more.