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GDPR Compliant Offices

Note: Managing GDPR compliant offices for your organization can only be done by users with Site Admin level permissions.

In order to provide your company with the flexibility it may want, you can choose to make your entire organization or only certain offices compliant with GDPR regulation. We advise that you seek legal counsel before deciding how to organize GDPR compliant offices.

Once GDPR compliant offices are set, all features that will help those designated offices be GDPR compliant will be assigned to those offices only. 

Note: The only exception is Candidate Packets which is not a GDPR specific tool. Candidate Packets can be downloaded and sent to candidates regardless of the office. To learn more about Candidate Packets, click here.


Assign GDPR Compliant Offices

To activate GDPR compliant tools for offices in your organization, click on the Configure tab from your Dashboard and navigate to the GDPR tab on the left-hand panel.


Navigate to the top panel, Offices that need to comply with GDPR Requirements and click Edit.


From the subsequent list, select which offices you would like to be compliant with GDPR requirements. Alternatively, you can make all offices in your organization comply with GDPR requirements by selecting All Offices.

When you have finished, click Save.