Employment fields


Note: Employment fields are not enabled by default. To enable employment fields for your organization, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Employment Fields are structured data fields that are used to track a candidate's employment history. In this article we will cover how to input a candidate's employment record into employment fields, activate employment fields on job posts, and filter candidates by employment fields.

Note: To be submitted, every employment record must include the following free text employment fields: Company, Title, Start Date, End Date (or current checkbox).


Input Candidate Employment Fields

To manually input an existing candidate's employment record, navigate to the candidate's profile by clicking on the Candidates tab from your Dashboard. Navigate to a candidate's profile by selecting their Name from the list of candidates.


From the candidate's profile page, click Edit Profile.


Navigate to the Employment section of the profile and click Add an Employment. Fill in all employment fields for the record. 

Click the checkbox for Current instead of inputting an End Date if the candidate is still employed with the company


A candidate can have multiple employments on record. If you would like to add additional employment records, click + Add another and fill in all fields for the additional employment record.


When you have finished, navigate to the bottom of the page and click Save.

From the Details page of a candidate's profile, employment records will be listed in descending order from the most recent employment. 



Activate Employment Fields on Job Posts

To activate employment fields on a job post, navigate to a job by clicking the Jobs tab from your Dashboard. Select a job from the subsequent list.

From the individual job's dashboard, click Job Setup.


Using the left-hand panel, navigate to Job Posts and click edit.png for the job post you would like to edit.


Navigate down the page to the How Candidates apply for this job panel. Select Required or Optional for Employment. 


When you have finished, navigate to the bottom of the page and click Preview.

From the Preview page, check to see that employment fields are available to applicants on the job post. 


When you have finished, click Save.


Filter Candidates by Employment Fields

Navigate to the Candidates tab from your Dashboard and using the left-hand panel access the Employment filters.


Use the drop-drown menu to filter candidates by specific employment fields.