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Note: If you are migrating to custom SMTP from a verified Greenhouse Recruiting subdomain (read more in Email domain verification), you need to first deactivate / remove the email domain in Greenhouse Recruiting before switching to custom SMTP.

Read more about removing the email domain in Greenhouse Recruiting here: Remove email domain from Greenhouse Recruiting.

Greenhouse Recruiting uses Mailgun, a third-party service, to send customer emails. However, Greenhouse Recruiting also provides a custom SMTP setup option for customers who prefer to send emails via their own organization's architecture.

In this article, we'll provide a brief overview of the custom SMTP setup options.

Note: When using a custom SMTP configuration to send emails, your internal IT team will be required to troubleshoot any email-related issues. Our support team will not be able to help diagnose errors or issues that occur after the email has been triggered from Greenhouse Recruiting.

When using custom SMTP, Greenhouse Recruiting first will send all emails to one of our SMTP servers, which are then relayed to your organization's mail server. The relay allows us to guarantee that all of our SMTP messages originate from one of a set of known IP addresses. You will need to allowlist each of the IP addresses and accept all messages sent by these machines.

For a custom SMTP configuration, Greenhouse Recruiting requires you to provide:

  • Host name of the server
  • Port Number
  • Optional: Username of the server (not the credentials of an individual user's mailbox)
  • Optional: Password of the server (not the credentials of an individual user's mailbox)

Additionally, your organization will need to allowlist a set of IP addresses that we provide. Click here for the list of IP addresses that will need to be allowlisted for full functionality.

Additional resources

For more information regarding custom SMTP, reach out to Greenhouse Support.