Universal Background

How to set up the integration with Universal Background Screening

  1. Please contact your Account Executive at Universal Background Screening, Inc. notify them you would like to integrate with Greenhouse.
    For new clients, please call (877) 263-8033 and get started with Universal Background.
  2. Universal will provide you with the necessary information to set up a “Web Hook” at Greenhouse.
  3. After logging in to Greenhouse, Click on Configure then Dev Center
  4. Development menu will appear 
  5. Click on Web Hooks.

  1. Universal must have given you endpoint URL & Secret key to create web hook
    1. Name this web hook: Universal Background Check
    2. When: We will be using Candidate has been hired for our sample below. This selection can be customized.
    3. Endpoint URL: provided by Universal
    4. Secret key: provided by Universal
    5. Error recipient email: normally the administrator on your Greenhouse account
    6. We don’t need any advanced settings
    7. Disabled? Please be sure to select No
    8. Click on Create Web Hook

Generate an API:

This will allow the communication between Universal Background and greenhouse.

  1. After logging in to Greenhouse, Click on Configure then Dev Center
  2. Development menu will appear
  3. Click on API Credential Management

  1. Click on Create New API Key
  2. Enter the Description “Universal Harvest API”
  3. Select Type: Harvest
  4. Then Create                       
  5. Select the minimum required fields: Activity Feed, Candidate & Education. You may click select all if desired.
  6. Click Update
  7. Copy the key and send to your integration manager at Universal

How to trigger the integration:

To initiate the integration, the candidate must be ready to accept an offer.

  1. From Dashboard, Click on Candidates
  2. Select the Candidate
  3. Click on Move Stage
  4. When the candidate is ready for the background check, Click on Offer stage 
  5. Create offer if it’s not created yet
  6. The moment you click on offer accepted, the order will be immediately sent to Universal Background
  7. To verify this, Go to Activity Feed on Candidate’s page
  8. There will be a note saying:
    “Universal Background has updated Status to “Success” which means Universal has received the information.
  9. A link will appear when you click you will log in to Universal Client portal, and all the candidate’s information will be available, select the package you need and order the Screening.
  10. When a partial or a completed report is available, you can find the update on the candidate’s activity feed, you may click on the link to view the report directly.