Provisioning Greenhouse Recruiting user accounts automatically with SSO

Greenhouse Recruiting user accounts are not automatically created when an account is created in your SSO provider.  However, after creating this account within your SSO provider, one of the following methods can be used to create a user account within Greenhouse: 

Method 1: The user themselves logs into Greenhouse Recruiting via your SSO provider. (Note: This will automatically provision a Greenhouse user account with Basic permissions) 

Method 2: An admin creates a user account for this employee within Greenhouse. (Note: This is typically done during the implementation phase when configuring users and their specific permissions, ex. Job Admin, Site Admin) 

For method 2, please note once a user account has been created, the user must login via your SSO provider with the email address associated with that Greenhouse Recruiting user account.  In other words, if they log in with a different email address (i.e., not a primary or secondary email address on any Greenhouse user accounts), a new Greenhouse Recruiting user account will be created (see method 1).  

To learn more about using SSO with Greenhouse Recruiting, please review the following article: Single Sign-On overview