Product updates:

  • We’ve redesigned the mobile availability experience to make it easier than ever for candidates to submit their interview times to your company. Candidate can now ‘Select’ a time from the list of suggested options and choose other availability using their phone’s built-in controls.


  • When two referrals are merged, any deprecated referral questions will appear on the Candidate Activity Feed so you can reference historical information.


API updates:

  • Our newest Harvest endpoint allows you to add employment information to existing candidates
  • Employment information has been added to the Candidate Hired web hook

Assorted bug fixes, including:

  • It’s challenging to read extra long candidate activity feed notes when the text box doesn’t scroll. It will do that now.
  • When someone left a public interview note, users who didn’t have permission to see scorecards couldn’t load candidate activity feeds.
  • The option to delete scorecards decided to take a quick vacation to escape the winter weather. It’s back and ready to delete whatever you want!