Prospect Review is a feature included in the CRM add-on for Greenhouse Recruiting. With Prospect Review, users can efficiently review and manage all prospects within a given prospect pool or prospect stage. In this article, we will cover:

Navigate to Prospect Review

The Prospect Review feature can be accessed from the CRM page. Click the ellipsis from the navigation bar and select CRM from the dropdown menu.


Hover over a prospect pool or prospect stage that contains at least one prospect. Prospects that are not currently associated with a prospect pool can be reviewed through No Pool Specified.

Once you have determined which prospect pool or stage you would like to review, click Review Prospects.



Review Prospects (Convert, Update, Skip, Reject, Add Tags)

From the Prospect Review page, you will be able to view information collected on a given prospect, including touchpoints, notes, prospect stage, source, jobs the prospect is being considered for, etc...


Use the tools from the right-hand panel, to convert the prospect into a candidate, update their information, skip, reject, and/or add tags to their profiles.

Convert Prospect to Candidate

To convert the prospect into a candidate, click Convert to Candidate from the right-hand panel. Use the appropriate fields to select a job and stage for the conversion.


Note: You can also add Prospect Tags to the prospect from this step.

When you have finished, click Save and Next to move onto the next prospect.

Update Prospect

To update information on a prospect, click Update Prospect from the right-hand panel. Use the appropriate fields to update the job(s) the prospect is being considered for, departments, office, prospect pool, prospect owner, source, etc...


Note: You can also add Prospect Tags to the prospect from this step.

When you have finished updating the prospect's information, click Save and Next to move onto the next prospect.


If you would like to skip the current prospect, click Skip to move onto the next prospect in your queue.


Stop Considering

To no longer consider the prospect, click Stop Considering. From the subsequent dialog box, select a reason for the rejection and include any notes about the prospect. Optionally, you can also send a rejection email to the prospect.


When you have finished click either Reject and Send Email or Reject Don't Send Email to move onto the next prospect.

Add Tags 

Adding Prospect Tags to prospects during review can make it easier for your organization to filter by those prospects later on by criteria that you have configured. Use the provided field to search Prospect Tags in your organization.

Click Save when finished. 



Summary Page

Once you have finished reviewing all the prospects in your selected prospect pool or stage, a summary page will catalogue all actions performed during your prospect review.

If you would like to take action on any prospects that were skipped during your prospect review, click Review Prospects in the Skipped row.



Keyboard Shortcuts

To streamline the prospect review process even more, use the below keyboard shortcuts to navigate between various actions:

From Review Prospects page:

Keyboard Key Action
c Opens Convert to Prospect
u Opens Update Prospect
s Skips Prospect
x Opens Stop Considering 
? Opens Shortcuts Dialog Box
esc Cancels Convert to Prospect
esc Cancels Update to Prospect
esc Closes Stop Considering Dialog Box
esc Closes Shortcuts Dialog Box