Product updates:

  • We’re excited to announce 5 new Greenhouse Onboarding features that will help you automate administrative tasks so you can focus on building long-lasting working relationships with new employees.
  • We’ve redesigned the Job Info page to make it easier to scan and find information.Screen_Shot_2018-02-28_at_10.21.19_AM.png


  • Job Status will now be displayed at the top of the page when looking at a single job or a candidate profile so you can easily see more context about the job. Screen_Shot_2018-02-28_at_10.21.04_AM.png


  • You can now make Opening IDs required for all jobs in Configure > Permission Policies. All orgs will have this permission off by default.


API updates:

Assorted bug fixes, including:

  • Interviews are not being sent successfully when using the latest version of Outlook for Mac (16.10). More information and a workaround can be found here.
  • Candidate Activity Feed notes got a little too close for comfort and refused to respect line breaks. We’ve implemented some distance so that these separate lines will appear where they’re meant to be.
  • The list of approvers could sometimes contain duplicate names. Despite their best efforts, these clones couldn’t fool us and we removed the extra name.