Test a web hook by hiring a candidate

Once a candidate hired web hook is enabled, marking a candidate as hired will trigger the web hook. You can test the web hook by hiring a test candidate.

To begin, click Add on your navigation bar, and select Add a Candidate from the dropdown menu.

This will open up a form to add a new candidate. Select the job you want to add them to, and set the initial stage to Offer. Although most fields are not required, we recommend adding as many other details as possible to replicate what a real candidate would look like.

Once the candidate has been added, navigate to their candidate profile (Candidates > select or search for the test candidate) and click the Offer Details tab of their profile.

If there is no offer approval process in place, you can click Marked Candidate as Hired, then fill in the offer details. Otherwise, you'll need to select Create Offer to enter the offer details and trigger the offer approval process.

Note: You should also select the Create Offer option if you want to create an offer letter to include in the web hook payload.

We recommend filling in as many details as possible in your test offer to replicate what a real candidate would look like.

Note: If there is an offer approval process, you should Request Approval after saving the offer details. Once approval has been given, you can select Mark Candidate as Hired to trigger the web hook.

When you have finished, click Save. This will hire the candidate and trigger the web hook.
You can check your web hook's endpoint for a successful payload.

If your web hook needs reconfiguration, you can re-trigger the web hook by clicking Unhire on your test candidate. Then go back to Offer Details > Mark Candidate as Hired to rehire the candidate.