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Trend Report


Trend Reports allow you to deduce patterns in how one key metric trends over time across different offices, departments, jobs, source, and your total organization. In this article, we will cover how to create a Trend Report, configure its attributes using the Trend Report filter panel, and save it for export and future reporting needs.

Create Trend Report

To create a Trend Report, navigate to the Recruiting Reports page by clicking the ellipsis on your navigation bar and Reports from the dropdown menu.


Click Build a Report from the Recruiting Reports page.


From the Build a Report dialog box, click Trend Report.


Select a single metric to track from the subsequent list. When you have finished, click Preview.

Note: If you select Prospects Added please be aware that Trend Report does not report on Prospects not associated with a particular job.


Your Trend Report will be generated to track the metric you have specified.

Trend Report Filters

With a Trend Report created, you can customize its tracking to suit your organization's needs by using the filter panel. By default, the Trend Report tracks your selected metric weekly across all Open Jobs for the 8 most recent weeks.

Note: Trend Report can only show and export a maximum of 8 columns. 

Use the Metric, and Columns drop-down menus, respectively, to change the metric being tracked, and/or the time intervals of each column.


To change how candidates are being presented and organized across various aspects of your organization, click Edit in the Rows field.


From the Edit Rows dialog box, use the left-hand panel and navigate to a category to organize your report. You can track the metric by departments, offices, jobs, source, candidate custom fields, job custom fields, and across your total organization. By clicking on any category, you will have further options to delimit what aspects of the category you want to see in your report.

Note: Trend Report only allows the following field types to be filtered for Candidate and Job Custom Fields: 

  • Single Select
  • Multi-select 
  • User 
  • Yes/No

When you have finished, click Save.


Change the jobs being tracked in your Trend Report by clicking Change Filter.


From the Filter Jobs dialog box, you can search and apply multiple filters to find jobs you would like to report on. When you have chosen all the jobs you would like to report on, click Save.


Once you have finished, click Apply to repopulate the report.


Save, Export, Schedule Trend Reports

To save the parameters that you have configured in this particular report for the future, click Save. You can learn more about saving reports and where to find them here.


You can also export the report to a downloadable spreadsheet, email the report, and schedule a recurring report to be emailed, by clicking on the appropriate icon in the same panel.