Permissions: Site Admin, who can create and override job approvals

Product tier: Available for Advanced and Expert subscription tiers

The job approvals feature enables your organization to exercise greater control over when a job is open for candidate recruitment. We offer one-stage and two-stage job approvals to provide your organization with varying degrees of control. In this article, we will cover the steps needed to set up a user with Job Admin permission levels as a default job approver on jobs. Once properly configured, the user can be selected as a job approver for one-stage or two-stage job approval flows.

Assign Permission to Job Admin

Note: Only users with the Site Admin permission level and the additional user-specific permission Can edit another user's advanced permissions can assign the necessary approver permission to a Job Admin.

Your organization must first create a Job Admin permission level with the Can manage job approvals permission stripe enabled so that it can later be assigned to a user. Alternatively, this permission stripe can be added to one of your preexisting permission levels.

Click the Configure icon configure.png in the upper right-hand corner and select Permission Policies from the left-hand panel.


Navigate to the All Job Admins sections of the subsequent page and click See and manage job admin levels.


Create a custom Job Admin level by clicking Add Job Admin Level. Name your level (like Job Admin: Approver), then select Create. To learn more about customizing job admin levels, visit our guide on permission policies here.


Once you have identified the Job Admin level you wish to create/edit, enable the following permission stripes underneath the column for the desired Job Admin level:

  • Can view and edit private job fields and approve/request approval on jobs


Assign Job Admin Permission Level to User

Note: Only users with the Site Admin permission level and the additional user-specific permission Can edit another user's advanced permissions can assign the necessary approver permission to a Job Admin.

With the necessary permission stripe enabled for a Job Admin level, we can assign the level to a user.

Navigate to Configure configure.png > Users and select a specific user from the subsequent list.


Navigate to the Permissions section. If the user is not yet a Job Admin/Interviewer, click Edit to change their permission level. When finished, click Add underneath Job-Based Permissions.


To make this user the default approver for jobs we need to first make sure the user has future access to the correct offices and departments. Using the first panel of the new page, select the offices and departments the user will need to access in order to approve jobs.

When finished, navigate to the Future Job Permissions panel and click the Edit icon edit.png.


Choose the adjusted Job Admin Permission Level created in the earlier step from the dropdown menu.


When finished, click Save.

This user will now have the ability to approve jobs for offices and departments that you have specified.

Set User as Default Approver

Now you are ready to add the user as a default job approver. There are a variety of ways your organization can configure its approval workflow. For more information of different approval steps and flows, visit:

Below we will briefly cover how to add the newly created Job Admin approver to a one-stage, single step approval flow for a department.

Navigate to Configure configure.png > Approvals and click Add Approval by office/department.


Select the Office and/or Department for the new default job approver and click Create.


Click Add Approval Step in the Job Approvals panel.


From the Add Approval dialog box, click Add and select the user who will be the default approver.


When you have finished, click Save. The user will be set as the default job approver for the specified office and department.