Set Up Job Admin as a Default Job/Offer Approver

Note: This feature is only available to Pro and Enterprise customers.

Users with Site Admin permissions are not the only ones who have the ability to approve jobs and offers; users with Job Admin permissions can also be set up as approvers with the help of added permissions. 

Create Permission Policy for Job Admin

Before we can set up a job admin to be a default approver for a job or offer we need to create a new permission policy for the Job Admin. Click on the Configure tab from your Dashboard and navigate to Permission Policies from the left-hand panel. 

From the Permission Policies page, click on See and manage job admin levels.


Identify which existing Job Admin level you wish to add the new permission policy towards from the Manage Job Admin Levels page.

Alternatively, you can create a Custom Job Admin Level by clicking on Add Job Admin Level. To learn more about customizing job admin levels, visit our guide on permission policies here.


Once you have identified the Job Admin level you wish to change, navigate to the Can see private notes, salary info, manage offers, and approve jobs/offers ribbon and click the check box for this permission underneath the column for the desired Job Admin level.


Assigning Job Admin Permission Level to User

With the Job Admin level adjusted with the necessary permission policies, we need to assign the level to the user we wish to be an approver for jobs and/or offers. 

Staying on the same page, click on Users from the left-hand panel and click on the name of the user who will receive the adjusted Job Admin level.


If the user is not yet a Job Admin/Interviewer, click Edit to change their permission level. When finished, click on Add underneath Job-Based Permissions.


To make this user the default approver for jobs and/or offers we need to make sure the user has future access to the correct offices and departments. Using the first panel of the new page, select the offices and departments the user will need to access in order to approve of jobs/offers.

When you have finished, navigate to the Future Job Permissions panel and click Add.


Choose the adjusted Job Admin Permission Level done in the earlier step from the drop-down menu.


When finished, click Save.

This user will now have the ability to approve jobs and/or offers for offices and departments that you have specified. 

Setting User as Default Approver

With everything configured you are ready to add the user as a default approver. Staying on the same page, click on Approvals from the left-hand panel.

From the Approvals page, click on Add Approval by office/department.


Select the Office and Department for the new default approver and click Create.

Click on Add Approval Step for Job Approvals and/or Offer Approvals.


From the Add Approval dialogue box, click Add and select the user who will be the default approver.


When you have finished, click Save. The user is set as the default approver for the specified office and department.


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