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I use reThinkData. What does the integration look like? How do I enable it?


The Current Process:

Your candidates are being redirected from the Job Board into your ATS application process.

The Problem:

Industry data states that upwards of 90% of candidates that are redirected from a Job Board to an ATS for the apply process do not complete the application, and on mobile it’s closer to 99%.  According to Google’s latest study, 86% of job seekers rate the job search and application experience as poor. This means that many of your best candidates are bailing out once they are redirected because they are required to fill out their profile information again, upload their documents again, all of which causes candidate frustration and abandonment. This inefficiency costs everyone time and money.

The Solution:

With reThinkData’s new SmartFORM ApplyTM your candidates can now stay on the job board to complete your ATS application. We bring the application over from the ATS, including all of your custom questions, prepopulate the form with the candidates stored profile information, including their uploaded resume/docs. In many case the candidate may only need to answer the custom questions thus reducing candidate frustration, which increases the quality and quantity of completed applications. 


reThinkData standard monthly fee for service is $100 USD per Customer per 3rd party recruitment site that is connected.

About reThinkData:

reThinkData is the only Integration Solutions Partner that can efficiently connect Applicant Tracking Systems and Job Boards to immediately improve the candidate application process.

Through a single integration connection with reThinkData, using proprietary SmartFORM Apply™ technology, you will be able to offer your candidates a seamless candidate application process, utilizing available job seeker profile and uploaded resume assets to pre-populate their custom ATS application forms, while keeping the candidate experience on the job board platform.  The result will be a better candidate experience, an increase in registered job seekers and more completed applications for your customers

reThinkData has set a new standard for the candidate application process with SmartFORM Apply™, which delivers a brand consistent, government compliant, efficient candidate application experience that reduces candidate frustration, and increases the quality and quantity of completed applications. 

Setting up reThinkData 

The first step is to email reThinkData at with your name, company name, company address and phone number.  We will have representatives available to help you setup your account. 

To setup reThinkData in your apply process you will need to get an API connection setup. First, you will need to configure a job board token. Second, you will need to create an API Key.  You will then be able to copy and paste these values into reThinkData’s Dashboard.

Configuring the connection

You will also need to find your job board token. Usually that's pretty simple (e.g. CompanyABC’s board token is "companyabc" with the URL being


To find the job board token, the Greenhouse user will need to complete the following steps:

  • The Greenhouse user will click on the Configure tab
  • Select Job Board
  • Click Edit
  • The job board token will be located in the URL field



Generating Job Board API Key:

  • The Greenhouse user will click on the Configure tab
  • Select Dev Center > API Credential Management
  • Click Create New API Key to generate the API key for reThinkData
  • Have the user send you the generated API key 

Copy Your Token and API Key 

Copy your Token and API Key from your Greenhouse account

Login to your reThinkData account

Select your ATS

Once logged in, go to the My ATS tab in the reThinkData Dashboard.  Click the dropdown and select Greenhouse. 

Paste your Job Board Token into reThinkData’s Dashboard


Paste your API Key in the reThinkData dashboard


Save! You are now setup with reThinkData.