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Product tier: Available for all subscription tiers

Email generator uses AI to streamline and fine-tune email templates for candidates and your hiring team. This tool is designed to enhance your efficiency while maintaining the personal touch that's essential to your hiring process.

Email generator is available on email templates across Greenhouse. To know if an email generator is available, look for the purple icon in your toolbar.

Highlight the text you want to modify, click the icon, and choose the option from the list that best fits your editing needs. 

The revised text will be displayed under your current draft. If you're ready to add the changes to your email, click Save. You'll need to choose if you want to replace the selected text, or add it to the existing text in the field.

To retry the edits, choose a different prompt, or review previously generated text, choose the buttons at the bottom of the preview window.

Note: Email generator won't be available in legal emails like EEOC or GDPR email templates. 

A version of email generator is also available in Greenhouse Sourcing Automation to create new engage campaigns from scratch.