Greenhouse Mailgun Updates (April 2024)

Last week, Greenhouse sent an email about changes required in your email settings and IP allowlist. These changes address Microsoft updates that affected email deliveries from the Greenhouse platform.

This article includes information from that email that can be sent to your IT team so they can make the required updates and ensure the continued delivery of emails from Greenhouse Recruiting.

You can use the text below to give your IT team the details. 


Recently, Microsoft made updates affecting email deliveries from Greenhouse to Microsoft email addresses.

To resolve this issue, Greenhouse is adding additional IP addresses from their email provider, Mailgun, and asking customers and their IT teams to review any settings in your domain or internal email infrastructure to include the following IP addresses. 


These updates are needed by Wednesday, April 10 so that emails can continue to be delivered without further interruption. You can read more in this article on the Greenhouse support site.

Information for IT teams

To implement this update, review any settings in your domain or internal email infrastructure that allow emails to be sent or received. This update also applies to Greenhouse-generated emails for customers that use an alternative email method, such as a custom SMTP. 

If you already use the recommended TXT record to your domain’s SPF record (v=spf1 ~all), you do not need to take any action to modify your SPF record, as it will automatically be updated with the new set of IPs.